9 thoughts on “Muhammad’s Child Bride (Tract)

  1. Thank you very much brother in Christ. This is really God’s ministry you are doing. Hope me can also join. But I will be making YouTube videos with these articles and notes. Expecting more valuable articles on the videos which you are making. God bless you David Wood and your Family as well. We might not be seeing here in this world but will be meeting when our Lord come… Love and prayers from Kerala India.


  2. I will be asking my subscribers of Crack Your Bible this week to contribute foreign subtitles to this specific video AND to translate your pamphlet so that we can reach more inmates with this information. This needs to be in Spanish, French, German, Swedish and Russian to start. Great work David!


  3. My Dad worked in Federal Prison for 25. He warned them about Nation of Islam and their doctrine back 30+ years ago. They hide behind Freedom of Religion and the ignorant left protect them. Thinking anyone against them is a racist. My Dad said if you put what they believe side by side the KKK it reads the same. Ignorance knows no color.


  4. Hi David. I’m in a community group in Australia which is interested in lobbying our Corrections Ministers to distribute your pamphlet. I believe this is worth pursuing. My question is: Would you be able to make a shorter version of your accompanying video to help with lobbying? Maybe around 5 minutes duration? Please email me.
    Kind regards


  5. Thank you for all of your hard work and information exposing Islam for what it really is . I especially like the tracks that you have available to allow an individual like myself to share with Muslim friends and allow them to see for themselves what the Koran and Hadif say for themselves!!!

    In HIS grip,



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